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Kuala Lumpur’s M8 Bar

M8 Bar is the epitome of an ultra-stylish, modern bar which resonates with trendsetters from every point of the compass. Conceptualised as Kuala Lumpur’s leading destination bar for the sophisticated urbanite, M8 Bar represents a new level of verve, excitement and passion that allows you to express yourself and influence those around you.

As you are immersed in the perfectly engineered mix of intoxicating, memory-evoking retro music with our distinctive twist, allow your senses to be seduced and pampered with the tantalising blend of music, mix and milieu. Our music is fashioned to celebrate the timeless elements that exude personality and connect with you on a personal level, allowing you to discover and recover music that sets trends.

“Less” is sometimes simply simple elegance. Timeless, priceless and peerless, our cocktails and specially selected drinks – which have been the inspiration to countless others – were chosen to salute those with character and originality. At M8 bar, your chosen drink personifies you.

With an unmistakable quiet confidence, M8 Bar pulsates into the night; the new coveted blueprint and benchmark for a sleek, exhilarating bar that identifies with the bold and progressive.

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Relax while watching the sunset and enjoy some after work drinks. Book a table now at Kuala Lumpurs M8 Bar now.


Watch the sun dip behind the skyline in style